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Bailey V/S Other Brands in Packaged Drinking Water Market

Bailey is a national trusted brand for packaged drinking water and it qualifies all the major quality parameters. Ranging from the parameters such as packaging, mineral content, PH balance, taste, purification method used, & distribution channel of the Bailey packaged drinking water; it provides huge competition to the other leading brands in the market like Aquafina, Bisleri, Himalyan, Kinley, Kingfisher and others. Below are the few parameters to show Bailey might stand out to be the best brand among others. 1. Carbon filter procedure: Bailey pledges to supply the drinking water that goes through every purification stage which also includes the carbon filter procedure. Unlike other brands, Bailey uses high quality of activated carbon in carbon filter. As per the previous quality reports publishedof various other brands, they were witnessed to have been using poor quality activated carbon. 2. Transparency in use of chemicals & utensils: Various companies either lack the certificate of analysis/ food grade certificate or if they have these certificates still they may remain non-transparent regarding the chemicals used during the procedure of cleaning & purifying the water and market them as fit for drinking. Bailey on the other hand has gone through every certification analysis along with full disclosure of the chemicals and the type of utensils used in the each step of purification process. Every comment of Bailey regarding the quality & fitness of water is backed by these certifications. 3. Environmental, Safety & Hygiene Policy: Bailey packaged drinking water provides assurance not only to its customers but also to the workers, employees & other stakeholders regarding the adherence to environmental policy, hygiene policy & safety policy. Unlike other brands which may or may not adhere to these policies, Bailey frequently takes effective steps ensuring to stand by each of the environmental, hygiene & safety policies. 4. Certification of Food Handler: Food handlers are the most important personnel deployed across the multiple stages from water filtration, purification & till water packaging. Multiple brands in the packaged drinking water industry miss out to conduct the certification of these food handlers which thus raises the question upon the water quality even if every procedureis duly carried out. Thus, Bailey is proud to announce that their food handlers are regularly certified by the concerned authority, in terms of few major factors like validation of testing, procedure & medical fitness of the food handler. 5. Waste Management: During the process of water cleaning & purification, kinds of waste & rejected water are generated. In the light of environmental pollution (water pollution), Bailey is known to have effectively discharging these waste/rejected water and avoid polluting the water bodies. It is witnessed that various Local/national drinking water packaging brands might be discharging waste/ rejected water into the nearby MCD drainage which can seriously harm the nearby surroundings. Therefore, the above mentioned five factors clearly distinguish the Bailey and other packaged drinking water brands from across India. Moreover, Bailey is also witnessed to progressively carry out multiple research & development programs related to the different procedure adopted for the water treatment, chemicals used, waste/rejected water treatment & disposal, and packaging of the water to supply quality, healthy & tasty water not only for the benefit of customers but also to stand out among the multiple brands available in the market.